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Hyundai recalls nearly 155,000 Sonatas from 2011 for airbag issue

Hyundai is
recalling certain 2011 model-year
Sonata midsize sedans, saying the
airbags may not inflate in a crash.

Hyundai says in a government filing that the airbag control unit may short circuit in a crash and prevent the front and side airbags from inflating and the seatbelts from tightening. The automaker says it is aware of four incidents in which owners of the 2011
Sonata reported airbag failure during a crash. Only 1 percent of models are estimated to be defective.

The recall affects 154,753 Sonata models built between Dec. 11, 2009, and Sept. 29, 2010, at Hyundai’s Alabama assembly

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Nationwide car insurance review 2023

  • Very low level of consumer complaints.
  • Below average rates for comprehensive and collision coverage.
  • Competitive rates for drivers with poor credit and teens added to a parent policy.
  • Offers both usage-based insurance and pay-per-mile insurance.
  • High rates for drivers with a DUI and drivers who caused an accident with injuries.
  • Rideshare insurance is not offered.

Does Nationwide have good car insurance?

Nationwide earns a spot in our ratings of the best car insurance and best cheap car insurance, making it a good choice for many drivers. It offers competitive rates for a variety

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How to bleed your brakes | Autoblog Wrenched

In 10,000 miles of driving, you hit your brakes an estimated 60,000 to 70,000 times. Yet brake fluid is widely considered the most overlooked fluid in your vehicle despite being vital to your safety. Replacing your brake fluid is a simple procedure you can do yourself. Here are the tools you’ll need: brake fluid, specific to your vehicle, brake bleed pump, catch bottle, gloves, rags and safety glasses. I’m Larry Kosilla, pro detailer and trainer for the last fifteen years, but when it comes to what’s under the hood, I’m the student. Follow me as experts teach me how to

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Car dealerships slowly examine ChatGPT’s potential

Dealerships may be dabbling in ChatGPT right now, but some of their technology providers believe adoption will happen swiftly.

“I think we’re talking a year to a year and a half where [ChatGPT is] doing a huge amount of the car-buying process itself in an automated way,” Horwitz said.


TruVideo — maker of a messaging, video and AI platform for dealerships — added ChatGPT to its communications software and started a rollout of its updated technology in April, said CEO Joe Shaker.

Shaker, who also is owner of Shaker Auto Group in New England, said the technology enables the

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Cheap Car Insurance in Bakersfield, Ca.: Affordable Rates (2023)

Best Cheap Car Insurance Companies in Bakersfield, Ca.

We have selected the best car insurance options available in Bakersfield, which include Geico, USAA, Progressive, Mercury and AAA. 

These companies provide insurance premiums that are lower than both the average minimum- and full-coverage rates in the city, and they are known for providing great customer service to policyholders and high-quality insurance services.

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Unless stated otherwise, the following cost tables show average rates for the driving profile of a 35-year-old married driver with a clean driving history.

How Much Is Car Insurance in Bakersfield, Ca.?


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