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Sell your car after washing these 5 spots

Selling a
used car can be a daunting task. Buying one is even scarier. These 5 spots at minimum are critical to a quick sale and enticing the buyer to make a full price offer.

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Autoblog Details videos for more tips on car cleaning and maintenance by professional detailer Larry Kosilla. While you’re at it, check out Larry’s other video series on how to diagnose, fix, and modify cars,
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Floor Mats

Floor mats take a lot of abuse and can be a good barometer of how well a car has been maintained. The

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How To Change Your Engine Oil And Filter | Autoblog Wrenched

When was the last time you
changed your oil? Here you can find out the process for properly changing your oil and filter yourself.

Watch all of our
Autoblog Wrenched videos for more tips on how to diagnose, fix, and modify cars from professional detailer Larry Kosilla. While you’re at it, check out Larry’s other car cleaning and maintenance video series
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Materials Used:


First, check your owner’s manual to see what type of oil your car needs and how much oil it takes. You don’t want to put in too much or too little of the

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Tesla plummets in Consumer Reports reader reliability survey

DETROIT — Tesla Inc’s high-end Model S sedan lost its “recommended” rating and the electric carmaker slid overall by six spots to almost the bottom in Consumer Reports magazine’s annual reliability survey.

Every domestic automaker landed in the bottom half of the magazine’s new-car reliability rankings, which include data collected for more than 500,000 vehicles. The survey, which ranked 29 brands in the U.S. market, was released on Wednesday.

“It’s the complexities that have really dragged down Tesla,” said Jake Fisher, the magazine’s director of auto testing. “The majority of the problems that we’re seeing with Tesla truly are mechanical

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Cheap Car Insurance in Bakersfield, Ca.: Affordable Rates (2023)

Best Cheap Car Insurance Companies in Bakersfield, Ca.

We have selected the best car insurance options available in Bakersfield, which include Geico, USAA, Progressive, Mercury and AAA. 

These companies provide insurance premiums that are lower than both the average minimum- and full-coverage rates in the city, and they are known for providing great customer service to policyholders and high-quality insurance services.

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Unless stated otherwise, the following cost tables show average rates for the driving profile of a 35-year-old married driver with a clean driving history.

How Much Is Car Insurance in Bakersfield, Ca.?


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What’s Auto-GPT and why does it matter?

Silicon Valley’s quest to automate all the pieces is unceasing, which explains its newest obsession: Auto-GPT.

In essence, Auto-GPT makes use of the flexibility of OpenAI’s newest AI fashions to work together with software program and providers on-line, permitting it to “autonomously” carry out duties like X and Y. However as we’re studying with massive language fashions, this functionality appears to be as extensive as an ocean however as deep as a puddle.

Auto-GPT — which you would possibly’ve seen blowing up on social media not too long ago — is an open supply app created by sport developer Toran

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Automobiles and vans probably to have main powertrain issues

Why you could wish to keep away from these specific cars

Trendy vehicles and vans are virtually impossibly advanced mechanical creations and are sooner, safer and extra environment friendly than ever earlier than. However that does not imply comparatively new automobiles are fully with out their fair proportion of issues. Many vehicle repairs are easy and comparatively cheap to resolve. However severe issues with engines and transmissions will be extraordinarily expensive and time consuming to repair.

Shopper Experiences, which repeatedly polls its readership to find out and forecast general car reliability, has launched a brand new listing of the

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