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Cellphones could fight distracted driving

But there are ways drivers can use cellphones to improve safety, and the ubiquity of cellphones could be part of their appeal as a distracted driving solution.

IIHS has tested a feature that uses an aftermarket windshield-mounted camera for forward-collision warning. In the 2016 model year, 40 percent of U.S. vehicle series offered forward-collision warning with automatic emergency braking, and 21 percent offered forward-collision warning without automatic emergency braking.

Reagan says similar technology could be employed using the outward-facing smartphone camera and could have a huge impact — in cars that lack automatic emergency braking, forward-collision warning still reduces rear-end

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Sell your car after washing these 5 spots

Selling a
used car can be a daunting task. Buying one is even scarier. These 5 spots at minimum are critical to a quick sale and enticing the buyer to make a full price offer.

Watch all of our
Autoblog Details videos for more tips on car cleaning and maintenance by professional detailer Larry Kosilla. While you’re at it, check out Larry’s other video series on how to diagnose, fix, and modify cars,
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Floor Mats

Floor mats take a lot of abuse and can be a good barometer of how well a car has been maintained. The

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Right-to-Repair Pact Confuses Lawmakers, Drivers

In response to a right-to-repair pact between independent auto repairers, collision repairers and automakers, The Auto Care Association issued a statement objecting to the agreement released Tuesday between the Automotive Service Association (ASA), Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) and Alliance for Automotive Innovation (AAI).

Auto Care Association said it was not consulted about the agreement and does not support it. The agreement affirms a 2014 national agreement on automotive right-to-repair, of which the Auto Care Association was an original signatory. The association said ASA and SCRS did not sign or support the 2014 MOU and represent a small fraction

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What’s Auto-GPT and why does it matter?

Silicon Valley’s quest to automate all the pieces is unceasing, which explains its newest obsession: Auto-GPT.

In essence, Auto-GPT makes use of the flexibility of OpenAI’s newest AI fashions to work together with software program and providers on-line, permitting it to “autonomously” carry out duties like X and Y. However as we’re studying with massive language fashions, this functionality appears to be as extensive as an ocean however as deep as a puddle.

Auto-GPT — which you would possibly’ve seen blowing up on social media not too long ago — is an open supply app created by sport developer Toran

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Ford pays at the very least $30M below proposed transmission settlement

Ford has proposed paying at the very least $30 million to settle a class-action lawsuit filed by house owners of Fiesta and Focus automobiles geared up with faulty dual-clutch transmissions, in line with media studies. A federal choose is scheduled to think about ultimate approval at a listening to Feb. 28.

The lawsuit represents almost 2 million present or former house owners of a 2011-2016 Ford Fiesta or 2012-16 Ford Focus geared up with a dual-clutch PowerShift six-speed transmission. The plaintiffs allege that the transmission, identified internally at Ford at DPS6, is susceptible to slipping, jerking or shuddering whereas altering

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Automobiles and vans probably to have main powertrain issues

Why you could wish to keep away from these specific cars

Trendy vehicles and vans are virtually impossibly advanced mechanical creations and are sooner, safer and extra environment friendly than ever earlier than. However that does not imply comparatively new automobiles are fully with out their fair proportion of issues. Many vehicle repairs are easy and comparatively cheap to resolve. However severe issues with engines and transmissions will be extraordinarily expensive and time consuming to repair.

Shopper Experiences, which repeatedly polls its readership to find out and forecast general car reliability, has launched a brand new listing of the

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