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Consumer Reports car rankings puts Genesis brand on top

Hyundai’s Genesis topped the annual ranking of new vehicle brands by influential U.S. magazine Consumer Reports, while General Motors’ electric Chevrolet Bolt was named top pick for compact green car.

Millions of prospective auto buyers consult the magazine’s rankings, which are based on road testing, reliability, safety and owner satisfaction scores.

The top 10 brand rankings (for the whole list, check out CR’s website):

1. Genesis
2. Audi
3. BMW
4. Lexus
5. Porsche
6. Kia
7. Subaru
8. Tesla
9. Honda
10. Toyota

Reliability, customer satisfaction, road-test performance and safety are components in Consumer Reports’ rankings. CR points out

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Sell your car after washing these 5 spots

Selling a
used car can be a daunting task. Buying one is even scarier. These 5 spots at minimum are critical to a quick sale and enticing the buyer to make a full price offer.

Watch all of our
Autoblog Details videos for more tips on car cleaning and maintenance by professional detailer Larry Kosilla. While you’re at it, check out Larry’s other video series on how to diagnose, fix, and modify cars,
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Floor Mats

Floor mats take a lot of abuse and can be a good barometer of how well a car has been maintained. The

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Toyota’s AI-Powered Breakthroughs in Automotive Design

Toyota has fully embraced the power of artificial intelligence (AI) in its design processes, thus transforming the automotive industry. By harnessing the technology, it uplifts its vehicles’ appearance, performance, and overall user experience. AI empowers designers and engineers to work toward creative designs by analyzing large amounts of data and uncovering valuable patterns, allowing them to explore new alternatives.

This streamlined approach optimizes processes, reduces iterations, and enhances design efficiency. Toyota’s strong dedication to innovation yields remarkable results, giving rise to more efficient and innovative vehicles.

In addition, employing AI during the design process improves the vehicles’ performance and enhances

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Consumer growing less satisfied with their auto insurance: J.D. Power

The auto insurance industry increased rates an average of 15.5% in 2022, J.D. Power said.

Auto insurance customer satisfaction decreased year-over-year by 12 points on a 1,000-point scale, according to a study by J.D. Power. That marked the largest decline in 20 years. Customer satisfaction with car insurance providers dropped to 822, down from 834 the year prior. 

J.D. Power ties the decline to the higher costs of auto insurance. Nearly one-third (31%) of auto insurance customers said they saw a rate increase last year. The auto insurance industry raised rates an average of 15.5% in 2022, J.D. Power said.

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4 great roadside assistance kits

Looking for the best emergency kit for your car? Here are a handful of Autoblog’s favorites.

Always Prepared Roadside Emergency – $39.99
Includes items like a heavy-duty tow rope, a window breaker, and an accident report form.

Kolo Sports Premium Auto Emergency Kit – $42.79
This kit claims to be helpful in any emergency from “bee stings to car crashes to hurricanes.”

AAA 68-Piece Destination Road Kit – $57.33
This kit comes with the essentials plus a headlamp, warning triangle, & tire inflator.

Top Gear Premium Roadside Assistance – $36.20
Includes a safety vest, first aid kit, and jumper cables,

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Prime Day Is Here! Find Great Deals on Car Gear, Tools, Tires, Parts, and More

amazon prime day auto deals car

Prime Day Is Here! Find Great Deals on Car GearAmazon

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Prime Day, Amazon’s annual two-day shopping event, is famous for offering major discounts across all categories—and that includes automotive accessories, garage gear, tools, and more for the car and truck enthusiast.

Prime Day 2023 takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday, July 11-12. But you don’t have to wait that long to score the best deals. There are a slew of automotive products, tools, and car gear deals you can take advantage of right now.

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